5k Paddle Challenge

5k Paddle Challenge Canoe Kayak Virtual Competition Doctors without Borders Charity

爱博体育官网The International Canoe Federation is hoping to encourage professional and recreational paddlers all over the world to and take on a five kilometre paddle challenge to not only stay active, but to raise money for the incredibly important work of .

Virtual competition requirements

爱博体育官网There are two important stipulations; all participants must follow the rules in their own country to help prevent the spread of the virus, and each paddler must be able to accurately measure their distance and time.

On sea/lake, the full distance should be paddled as half in one direction and the second half opposite direction with at least one 180 degree turn. On river/creek, full distance can be done in one direction without having to return. Can't get on water? Join us on your Ergometer!

Read the full rules here

How to participate

All participants will be asked to register on the , and asked to make a voluntary donation to MSF. Every paddler who makes a donation will have the chance to win a prize, including paddles and other recreational equipment.

Where to upload your results

. You'll be able to see your current standings compared to other paddlers. At the start of each week we'll publish the weekly leaders in different categories on this page on the ICF website and PlanetCanoe social media channels, along with the random prize draw winners.


Results will be published every week on Monday starting 25 May, so you can enter each weeks challenge. Plus there will be an overall leader board so you can compare yourself against your friends and even some of the worlds best athletes, or just improve your time.

Week 118–24 MayResults
Week 225–31 MayResults
Week 31–7 JuneResults
Week 48–14 JuneResults
Week 515–21 June 


Win prizes & share

Every paddler who registers through the , and makes a donation to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) will have the chance to win a prize, including paddles and other recreational equipment. 

The challenge and prize draw will refresh each week so to improve your chances of winning, make sure you .

Share your results and challenge your mates

Get your friends and clubmates involved. Share your participation on social media, challenge 5 friends and tag @PlanetCanoe #5kPaddleChallenge. Follow PlanetCanoe on , , and for updates.

Prize Winners
Week 1Réka Ábrahám (Australia)Paddle donated by
Week 2Kaitlyn Verfuerth (USA)
Luca Bellotto (Italy)
Susak Molinero (Spain)
Harald Kraus (Germany)
Braca paddle donated by ICF
5K Paddle Challenge Swag
Week 3Johan Dreyer (Australia)
Willem Landman (South Africa)
Tessa Cottell (Italy)
James Harrington (Australia)
Braca paddle donated by ICF
5K Paddle Challenge Swag
Week 4  
Week 5  


Partner charity:

is currently working in more than 70 countries around the world to counter the new coronavirus. The charity is gearing up to confront potential outbreaks in the hundreds of areas it was already working in before the pandemic struck.

爱博体育官网The charity is deploying medics, sending supplies and applying nearly 50 years of experience fighting epidemics to protect the most vulnerable and save lives. and .



Read the full rules here and if you still have any questions about the ICF #5kPaddleChallenge, please contact entries@canoeicf.com